Over the past few decades, the small town of Terlan has experienced constant growth.
Services and a well-developed network of roads and infrastructure have evolved over time. Not only along the cycle paths, or by train but also with the highway MeBo you can reach the larger centers of Merano and Bolzano quickly. This makes Terlano a popular holiday destination where you can relax, but are also quick in the action.

The historic center of Bolzano can be easily reached in 10 minutes by car or by bus.

The markets in South Tyrol

Who spends his holiday in South Tyrol, would like to get to know the country from his "real" side, even those corners that are not found in tourism advertising and are still typical "South Tyrolean". Such typical places are, for example, the marketplaces: on the weekly markets feisty housewives bargain for the best price for cheese and bacon, while young mothers at the stalls compare prices with baby things. Every year, around the corner, Italian leather jackets and South Tyrolean sock-sellers offer their goods. At the fast food stand you can find sausages and fries for the little ones and a glass of red wine for the retired pensioner. At the market, South Tyrol shows his true side and really does not have to hide behind: South Tyrol is multicultural, traditional and open-minded at the same time.



The magic of Bolzano

Thanks to its two facets - one shaped north-European, the other more Mediterranean - Bolzano attracts guests from all over the world. The two faces of this city are a perfect connection, which is best expressed in the art-historical sights.

The „Laubengasse“ is one of the most popular and most visited streets in the city, not only by tourists. This famous street has always been the heart of the Bozen trade. Every step becomes a shopping experience for both- locals and guests.

Over the course of a single decade, Bolzano has been the scene of numerous museums that preserve and reorganize invaluable cultural assets and now make them accessible to all. The "Man of the Ice", exhibited in the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology in Bolzano, is now one of the most famous and important mummies in the world.

Reinhold Messner dedicated a museum project to the mountain and its culture with five uncommon locations in the magnificent landscape of the Alps. The Messner Mountain Museum is a meeting place with the mountain, with humanity and, ultimately, with itself.

In the city museum around 200 works (8th to 20th century) are shown: fresco fragments, wooden altars and statues, oil paintings, goldsmith works, stoves and stove tiles, costumes, graphics.

, the Bozner Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, is also an international research studio whose aim is to combine temporary exhibitions with its own collection. And much more!

The alpine-mediterranean spa town Meran

For a trip to Merano you need about 20 minutes by car or by bus (20 km). Located at the foot of the Texel Group Nature Park with its 3000 m high mountains, the Meran basin is known for its mild climate and unique alpine-Mediterranean vegetation.

As a nature-loving region, Meran offers a wide range of leisure activities and activities as well as rest and relaxation for body and soul. A fitting expression of the Meraner way of life are the numerous events that take place all over the year.

  • Therme Meran
  • Garten der Therme Meran
  • Die Gärten von Schloss Trauttmansdorff in Meran

The botanical garden of Trauttmansdorff Castle presents more than 80 examples of natural and cultural landscapes from all over the world on 12 hectares. The unique hillside location and the natural amphitheater below the castle surprise with countless natural perspectives: fascinating insights into exotic Mediterranean landscapes, wonderful views of the imposing mountain ranges of the Alps and the sunny spa town of Merano.

With the Therme spa opened in 2005, Merano is not only enriched by a feel-good attraction but also by an architectural highlight. The impressive cube made of glass and steel is the heart of the new spa area on the south side of the Passer.

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